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Nimaso Group is a complete water treatment solutions company providing custom designed water treatment systems along with operating and maintenance solutions.

Nimaso Group designs, develops, produces, and integrates state-of-the-art custom-built water treatment systems for multiple markets. Whether it is for the production of drinking water, the treatment of wastewater, or for use in industrial processes, our solutions combine the best expertise with the most advanced membrane technology and products.
Our reliable, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly solutions streamline costs and optimize treatment. As renowned membrane filtration specialists, we provide counsel and solutions that will bring you total peace of mind for years to come, whatever the need and application.

  • Modular medium-sized plants and mobile units
  • Design, assembly, installation, test operation and maintenance
  • Fully automatic integrated system
  • Components include: Media filters; MF, NF and UF; RO assembly; compressors; chemical dosing units..etc.,
  • Brackish Feed water input, TDS up to 15000ppm
  • Production capacities: 1000-20000 L/h

Drinking Water Production Pressure Filter NF/UF NF/OR Mobile & Pilot Unit Desalination
Drinking Water Production Pressure Filter MF/UF NF/OR Mobile & Pilot Unit Desalination