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Mortuary Refrigerators

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Mortuary RefrigeratorsNimaso Mortuary Refrigerator is a modular mortuary refrigeration system. It offers various possible combinations and scopes for design. The mortuary refrigerator structure is made of modular panels that are formed by an insulating diaphragm in stiff polyurethane foam that is injected between the two metal plates. The assembly of the cells is very simple, the groove and tongue and the foamed in eccentric hook locks of the panels guarantee a stability and tightness, a later extension or dismounting from moving is possible and makes no problems. The refrigerator units and their temperature are monitored and adjusted by a user-friendly microprocessor-based controlling system. The sandwich panels are built of plastic painted or stainless steel sheet, high pressure foamed with CFC free polyurethane. Easy loading and unloading all body trays are located on roller tracks.

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