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Mobile & Pilot Unit

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Nimaso Group offers various types of mobile units for water purification and/or wastewater treatment. These units are specially designed to provide emergency service, and can also be used in feasibility studies, even under difficult operating conditions.

The mobile Units developed by Nimaso Group for emergency and pilot-operation use are truss modular treatment plants. Custom-built to meet specific needs of treatment and the capacities required, they are assembled inside containers, caravans, or trailers (insulated if necessary).

The pilot unit is used in feasibility studies. It enables the acquisition of data to confirm the viability of the process. In most cases a period of at least a month is required to collect all the data, enabling definition of the size and cost of the system needed to provide a quality treatment.

     Monitoring and analytical equipment:

  • Continuously-operating turbidity meter
  • Continuously-operating particle counter
  • Laptop computer for acquisition of the following data:
  • Pre-filter pressures
  • Membrane operating pressures
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • Input and permeate flows
  • Sampling apparatus for laboratory analyses
  Mobile & Pilot Unit Mobile & Pilot Unit