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For arid and coastal regions, desalination of seawater is a huge issue closely tied to economic and social development. The membrane-based reverse osmosis process we use at Nimaso Group ranks among the most efficient and economical desalination technologies.

Our recognized experience in the design and production of seawater desalination systems means you can rest assured your drinking water meets international standards. Our flexibility and efficiency make collaboration easy.

With our expertise in recognized technology, we make desalination systems affordable to build and operate. we are noted for:


  • Our innovative design, which lowers the investment required and optimizes operations while reducing energy costs, notably through use of energy recovery turbines, pressure exchangers, etc.
  • Solutions featuring a variable treatment line depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated
  • Treatment solutions adaptable to small-scale (hotel, business, etc.) or large-scale (municipality) projects
  • Preventive maintenance service, which can include complete management of all equipment

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