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The Ultrafiltration (microfiltration) treatment process blocks all bacteria and viruses, suspended solids, and even pre-oxidized dissolved contents as well as most molecules, such as proteins and high molecular-weight organic polymers. It is used in several applications, such as the production of drinking water, the treatment of wastewater, and the treatment of process waters (food-and-beverage, biotechnology, power-generation, petrochemical, and municipal industries).
Nimaso Group designs ultrafiltration systems for a number of water-filtration applications. The company's expertise is based on its capacity to determine the best combination of UF system features for an optimal performance. Our team of experts works closely with industry managers to carefully select the membrane modules, the pumps, and the cleaning and filtration modes that will best fit the application.

Acknowledge to be the best process for reducing the silt-density index of any feed water, ultrafiltration is also commonly used as a pretreatment to nanofiltration (NF) or reverse osmosise (RO).



  • Design pre-treatment
  • Surface water
  • GWUDI (Ground Water under Direct Influence of Surface Water)
  • Industrial process water

Design Advantages

  • Small system footprint
  • UF and NF/RO mounted on the same skid for small throughputs
  • Selection of a specific membrane for each application
  • Whole process under automatic internal control
  • Pilot units available
  • Engineers with extensive experience in membrane processes